Increasing Collaboration through a Unified System of Education

This week we bring you another Short Share video from the DOE's Office of Special Education. This one focuses on a unified system of education to develop shared ownership and responsibility among special education and general education teachers and administrators. Featuring Sandi Cole, director of the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning at Indiana University's Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (one of our sister centers!), this Short Share provides a list of the characteristics of collaboration and describes the outcomes from a unified system that supports all learners.

Click on the link to view Short Share #8

To learn more about increasing collaboration within a transition-focused approach visit the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website at the Cadres of Transition Leaders/Cadre Products section, you will find a General Education Teacher Survey. This survey assists in facilitating collaboration between special education teachers and general education teachers by identifying transition assessments and activities that are already occurring in the general education setting.