Join the Indiana Cadres of Transition Educators

We run this tip at the beginning of every school year, so you can get acquainted with your regional Transition Cadres. Notice, though, that we’ve tweaked the name this year. It’s now the Indiana Cadres of Transition Educators. That’s because we want you to know that you’re welcome to join us-- whether you’re new to transition, a long-time pro at creating transition IEPs, or an administrator for your district.

Cadres build capacity across the state and address a variety of secondary transition needs. Members meet regularly (typically once a month or every other month) to discuss, plan, learn, and provide supports to their schools as well as to students and families.

Every Cadre has one or two facilitators along with a support person from the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center team. Cadres are also supported by the Indiana Department of Education.

Not sure which Cadre your school district is in? You’ll find a map of Cadre boundaries and a listing of the participating districts on the Cadre page of the INSTRC website. Send a hello to one of the facilitators below and learn more about meeting dates and activities.