The Mighty MOTE for More Accessible Assessments

Assorted Lessons Learned During July’s Facing the Future Transition Conference

This week we’re continuing our series on things-we-learned during this summer’s statewide transition conference, Facing the Future Together.

Lesson 2: In their presentation, “Adapting and Creating Transition Assessments for ALL Students,” our own Mike Nevins of the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC), and Amanda Crecelius from PATINS, explained how to use technology to create accessible assessments for students transitioning to employment, postsecondary education or training, and independent living.

After Nevins introduced various assessments currently available on the INSTRC Transition Matrix, Crecelius demonstrated how to adapt them. One example: She used the MOTE Google Chrome extension to add voice notes or explanations to an assessment she’d put into a Google Form. With MOTE you can now add an audio explanation to a question on a form and, brilliantly, students can reply using text or their own MOTE response. Check out this video for another look at how to use MOTE with Google Forms.

Need other suggestions or assistance for adapting assessments? Reach out to PATINS’ Amanda Crecelius at