Tracking Post-School Experiences to Improve Outcomes

Ever wonder how your former students are doing? Well, the Indiana Department of Education, Office of Special Education does! On behalf of IDOE, the Center on Community Living and Careers (CCLC), will be contacting your students one year after they exit school. To do so, we need your help. For students who are exiting school this year:

  1. Please make sure your student’s contact information is accurate and up to date in the Summary of Performance section of Indiana IEP. When old and incorrect phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses are in Indiana IEP, it makes it challenging for us to contact your former students to learn about their education, training, and employment experiences since leaving school.
  2. Teachers of Record, please remember to provide students and families with the Indicator 14 Letter with their exit IEP. You can find and download the Indicator 14 Letter in the Summary of Performance section of Indiana IEP. If the letter did not go out with the exit IEP, please send it to students and families now, before the school year ends. This letter will let students and families know they will be contacted by us a year after the student exits school.
  3. Help students and families sign up for the What’s Next? monthly newsletter, which contains resources and information about connecting to employers, finding supports, taking college classes or training, and identifying agencies and organizations that support young adults and families in the transition from school to adult life.

For more information about the What’s Next? monthly newsletter and the post-school outcomes report from last year, see Discovering What’s Next? on the CCLC website.

Reminders: Our next Transition Talk at High Noon takes place tomorrow, April 7. Join us as we talk with Michelle Oja from the Indiana Department of Education Office of Special Education about data collection and the IEP monitoring process. You don’t need to register. Find the link to connect on the Training page of the INSTRC website (scroll down a bit).

Transition Portfolio Office Hours also begin tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., Eastern Time. Zoom with us. Find the link on the INSTRC webpage.