Annual Transition IEP Training

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) team welcomes you back to what promises to be a topsy-turvy year. Some of you may already be in your classrooms; others may be working from home in your kitchen/bedroom/den/deck offices. Wherever you are, we’re here with Tuesday’s Transition Tips, supporting you this year as you guide your transitioning students and families on their individual paths.

A couple of things as we gear up for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • If you have a new colleague in your building, please make sure you share Tuesday's Tips with them. We want to reach all new staff, so have them subscribe by heading to the Tuesday’s Transition Tips webpage and filling out the simple form there.
  • This year’s Annual Transition IEP Trainings, “Building Bridges to Quality,” begin August 17 and continue through August 21. Register now! We’ll be Zooming online this year (surprise!), so sessions are divided by topic:
    • Federal IEP Monitoring
    • The Transition IEP
    • Annual Goals
    • Indicator 14 and District IEP Self-Monitoring

The first three topics are offered twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Register for each topic and select your preferred times.

In case you have not met all of our INSTRC staff, we are:

Judith Gross, Director of the Center on Community Living and Careers
Cathlene Hardy Hansen, Project Director
Mike Nevins, Research Associate
Wendy Ritz, Research Associate

Check back with us every Tuesday. If you have questions, suggestions, or a request for INSTRC, email Cathlene at