Tuesday's Transition Tips

Tuesday's Transition Tips

yellow post it note with Tuesday's Transition Tips for Teachers is a weekly email for teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, and vocational rehabilitation staff. "Tip" topics include quality and compliant Transition IEPs, transition assessments, drop-out prevention strategies, work-based learning, academic and life skill instruction, family involvement, working with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation, and much, much more.

Current Tip

Research consistently shows that parental involvement is one of the most important predictors of student postsecondary success. School programs can make parent and family involvement easier by treating them as education partners and empowering them with knowledge (Mazotti 2021).

The reason isn’t hard to figure out. The Vermont Family Network sums it up nicely: “Families are often the first, most knowledgeable, and most consistent ‘case manager’ youth with disabilities have.” Partnership with parents should be front and center.

Here are some practical suggestions for involving parents in their child’s education: 

  1. Ask for parents’ input about the student’s strengths, preferences, interests, and needs.
  2. Invite parents to share their social and business contacts to facilitate career exploration.
  3. Provide hospitality when parents wish to observe in the classroom—drop the fear of scrutiny.
  4. Coordinate with parents to follow up with skill building, especially soft skills, and goal setting at home.
  5. Review the resources below.


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