10 Creative Community Employment Connections

Looking for ways to connect students with employers in your area? Not sure where to look or who to talk to? Good news! There are many resources right at your fingertips and likely several established processes within your school corporation to explore.

  1. Team up with your school’s guidance counselors and CTE course teachers.
    With the new Indiana Graduation Pathway requirement for work-based learning, they have resources to help your students.
  2. Connect with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation.
    Their highly trained job coaches and counselors have established relationships in your community to help you find the right fit for your student. (Be sure to invite them to your student’s Annual Case Conference!)
  3. Check out Career One Stop and ONET.
    Explore careers, link up with local training opportunities and programs, and build your résumé.
  4. Bookmark the Indiana Department of Workforce Development Job Fair website.
    There, you will find a list of job fairs happening statewide and links to resources by region.
  5. Dive into INSTRC State and National Resources.
    Lots of links to organizations specializing in employment for people with disabilities.
  6. Use the IDOE Transition Portfolio Guidance resource.
    Create digital portfolios and video résumés as an imaginative way to highlight student skills and capture an employer’s attention.
  7. Peruse Indiana Disability Resource Finder.
    Access a wide variety of organizations with employment options across the state.
  8. Sign students up for a virtual program through The Forage.
    In this unique work experience, students have access to opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.
  9. Join your region’s Cadre of Transition Leaders.
    These teams have connections and are always happy to share ideas—Stay up to date on all things transition!
  10. Connect via social media.
    Facebook, Instagram, Linked In—To stay abreast of job opportunities, “like” and “follow” businesses or area coalitions involved in employing people with disabilities.

Through these resources, you can connect with and establish lasting relationships with employers in your communities. And, if you run out of options, visit us at our Thursday office hours from 2:30–4:30 p.m. EST to brainstorm with team members.