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The website of the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes includes articles aimed at helping professionals create work-based learning opportunities, improve a student’s self-advocacy skills, plan for transition, and request testing accommodations. With the understanding that those first steps toward employment can be a challenge, the center also provides information about applying for a job and how to request an interpreter.

This week, the National Deaf Center will release a choose-your-own-adventure online game called Deafverse World One: Duel of the Bots. This innovative game can help build confidence and vital self-determination skills. It comes with resources for teachers and students, such as a Player Strategy Guide, Learning Objectives, and stickers.

Go to the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes website and see their article "5 Ways to Go Back to School with #DeafSuccess" to access their wealth of information and resources.

Innovation and technology have opened up new avenues to self-employment. However, beginning a self-employment venture can be overwhelming.

If you have a student who has expressed interest in self-employment, please share the Self-Employment Information and Training webpage, which features handouts on self-employment and resources to support young adults considering this customized employment option.

In addition, the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community’s Center on Community Living and Careers is offering an in-depth, 2-day informational workshop delivered by Griffin Hammis in Indianapolis. At this workshop, The Road to Self-Employment on September 24-25, participants will learn about business plans, support systems, marketing, financing, and more.

This two-day workshop, sponsored by the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, is free, but registration is required. For more information and to register, see the Road to Self-Employment flyer.

This week we’re sharing an opportunity for free professional development through a five-part webinar series. These 90-minute webinars explore partnerships and programs for career technical education as well as best practices for developers.

Webinar 1. CTE for Students with Disabilities: A Framework for Understanding Thursday, August 29, 2019 3–4:30 pm Eastern Time

Webinar 2. Effective Partnerships: Communication, Collaboration and Professional Practice Thursday, September 19, 2019 3–4:30 pm, Eastern Time

Webinar 3. Classroom Supports: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction Wednesday, October 16, 2019 3–4:30 pm, Eastern Time

Webinar 4. Classroom Management: Behavioral Supports, Motivation, Reflective Teaching Thursday, November 21, 2019 3–4:30 pm, Eastern Time

Webinar 5. Toward Best Practices: Programs that Work, Models Toward Success Thursday, December 19, 2019 3–4:30 pm, Eastern Time

The series is offered by Penn State University’s Workforce Education program, the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT), and the Association for Career and Technical Education.

You can register and find more detailed information on the CTE webinar information page.

As pledged last spring, we are providing you with the long-awaited, updated Indiana Diploma Decisions. The 2019 edition is a guide and reference, published by the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center, featuring information on diplomas, the Certificate of Completion, graduation requirements and pathways, transition portfolios, and more.

The new edition will be a helpful guide for you as well as your students and their families. Share the link with them:

Indiana Diploma Decisions

Be sure you’re counting everything you should when you’re evaluating, monitoring, observing, and making connections for your Transition IEPs. Register now for one of six 2019 Regional Transition IEP Trainings taking place in September. The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center; the Indiana Department of Education, Office of Special Education; and the Indiana IEP Resource Center will collaborate to offer updates on:

  • Graduation Pathways
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Transition Portfolios
  • Transition Activities and Services
  • Creating Better Measurable Annual Goals

Join us if you are a member of an education team overseeing the quality and compliance of Transition IEPs in districts and/or cooperatives—special education directors, assistant directors, coordinators, and department chairs. Seats fill up fast for these informative, full-day trainings, so register now! We’ll be in:

  • Huntington, September 5
  • Hammond, September 13
  • Muncie, September 16
  • Indianapolis, September 17
  • New Albany, September 26
  • West Lafayette, September 30
Can’t be there in person? Connect online October 16 for our wrap up webinar. More information, registration, and the link to the webinar are on our Everything Counts! flyer.

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) staff would like to welcome you back to another year of Tuesday’s Transition Tips. We appreciate your feedback and are excited to work with you and support your transition efforts this school year. 

A couple of things as we gear up for the 2019-20 school year:

  • If you have a new colleague in your building, please make sure you share Tuesday's Tips with them. We want to reach all new staff, so please let them know subscribing is easy. They should send their name and email address to Lori Pierce at and explain that they would like to be added to the TT mailing list. It’s that simple.

  • This year’s Regional Transition IEP Trainings, “Everything Counts,” begin September 5 and take place throughout the month in six locations around the state. Take a look at the flyer and save the date. We’ll send you registration information next week. For those of you who can’t make it in person, we’ll also offer a webinar training option on October 16.
  • In case you have not met all of our INSTRC staff, here we are:

Check back with us every Tuesday. If you have an INSTRC request, please email us at 

Have a wonderful 2019-20 school year!

Before we let you go off to your well-earned vacations, we have a couple of transition bonuses for those of you still in your classrooms. 

We’ve updated Indiana Diploma Decisions and added it to the resources on the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website. With new information on diplomas, the Certificate of Completion, requirements, graduation pathways, transition portfolios and more, the 2019 edition will be helpful for you as well as your students and their families. Share the link with them:

Indiana Diploma Decisions

We recognize that we may miss some of our transition teachers this late in the year, but we thought it important to send it out anyway, in the event that some of you may be working with students and families over the summer.  We promise to send out Indiana Diploma Decisions again in August!

And one more thing! Save the date!  Through its Benefits Information Network, the Center on Community Living and Careers trains benefits counselors around the state about issues pertaining to Social Security benefits and work incentives, health care, housing, and more. Typically, the training we do is for our certified BIN liaisons, but we also offer a 2-day, information session (non-certified) to provide teachers, school counselors, families, and others with in-depth information about SSI, SSDI, redetermination at age 18, and other benefits and work incentives. Understanding this information will help you guide transition students who are working or those who are preparing to work. 

We’re offering two information sessions this year: August 19-20 and October 14-15.  Both are in Indianapolis.  We’ll remind you in early August when Tuesday Tips resume, but in the meantime watch for registration information on our Benefits Information Training page.  Scroll down to “Social Security and Work Incentives Information Workshop.”


Have a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled summer!   

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sharing this gem of a video from the Excelano Project at the University of Pennsylvania. Excelano is a spoken word poetry group focusing on mental health awareness and empowerment. And we certainly can’t describe them any better than they do:

“This group is about finding voice. It is dedicated to the power of the mic and using personal experience to touch the lives of audience members. It’s about breaking down barriers. It’s about holding a speaker up to life’s white noise, to find that every one of us can be heard.”

 Watch and listen to “Tomorrow Will Come Again, I Promise,and promise to share it with your students!

There’s more to successful employment than knowing the step-by-step, how-to’s of a task. It’s those “softskills” that often get shuffled to the back burner when students are facing deadlines or focusing on standardized test scores. But without interpersonal skills, teamwork, flexibility, and negotiation (to name just a few), finding success in the workplace could be tough.

Here is a list of nine activities, from the site We Are Teachers, to help students build those softskills (and have some end-of-the-year fun).  “Nine Awesome Activities That Teach Job Readiness Skills

In 2003, the National Center for Secondary Education and Transition at the University of Minnesota published a nice, simple listing of a multitude of ways to promote self-determination. It includes strategies for self-advocacy, reasonable risk-taking, problem-solving, and more. As a handout, it might be helpful for case conference meetings or transition fairs.

Take a look at “Promoting Self-Determination in Youth with Disabilities: Tips for Families and Professionals.” 

Find more tips and information on NCSET's page Self-Determination: Supporting Successful Transition.