Transition Portfolio 101

Transition educators have the opportunity and responsibility to guide students toward postsecondary success. One tool to help chart the path to sucess after high school is a document called the Transition Portfolio.

The Transition Portfolio is a living document that grows with the student and showcases their positive attributes and successes. 



Indiana's Employability Skills Standards integrate multi-subject areas across K-12 and are organized into four primary domains: Mindsets (M), Work Ethic (WE), Learning Strategies (LS), and Social and Emotional Skills (SE), ensuring a comprehensive skillset for students' future career success.

Learn more about these skills standards on the Indiana Department of Education website.

Perkins Collaborative Resource Network: Employability Skills

An employment specialist talks to the CCLC about the benefits of Visual Resumes.

Webcast from Virginia Commonwealth University on the topic of Visual Resumes:

A sample visual resume with a fictitious "Samantha Smith."

For more, check out this introductory series from our 2022 Spring Webinar Series. Recorded over three days, in these videos you will find an introduction to transition portfolio examples, a demonstration of preferred/required section content, and a guided tour of each portfolio format.

2022 Spring Webinar Series