Capacity Building Institute—Archived Materials

Capacity-Building Institute: Archived Materials

The resources displayed on this page are from past Capacity-Building Institutes, an annual meeting of the Indiana Cadres for Transition Leaders. Click here for more information about the work of the cadres

Capacity Building Institute 2021: Facing the Future Together

Due to pandemic mitigation measures, in 2021 the Capacity Building Institute was held virtually from July 21-23. Titled "Facing the Future Together," the 2021 CBI connected hundreds of familes, students, and transition professionals in Indiana's Virtual 2021 Transition conference.

More information on keynote speakers, presenter bios, the schedule, and other details can be found on the conference website.

 Facing the Future



Designing Tomorrow Today: The 2020 Capacity Building Institute

Due to ongoing pandemic precautions in 2020, the Capacity Building Institute for Indiana's Cadres of Transition Leaders moved online. Sessions with keynote speakers were recorded and are available through IU Expand. Presentations for Designing Tomorrow Today include:

  • 2020 Indiana Cadres of Transition Leaders Presentation
  • Critical Reflection with Transition Leaders & Educators: A focus on culture & equity
  • Employer Panel Session
  • Integrating Universal Design for Learning into Transition: A focus on secondary education
  • Transition Services and Activities

See the presentations in IU Expand.