How Order of Selection May Impact Your Students

Change is the only constant in life.

This truly could be the motto of special education itself. We experience shifts in philosophy. We watch as policy makers reshape systems. We see rules and regulations come and go. Meanwhile, as always in special education, we remain flexible and focused on the needs of our students.

This summer Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services began order of selection, a triage-like system of determining which applicants for VR services will receive supports. It is important that we understand order of selection so we can better explain it to both families and students who are looking toward postsecondary supports.

FAQs from the Indiana Bureau of Rehabilitation Services may answer many of the questions and concerns of applicants, families, and educators. Please take a few moments to review it. We are all working together to continue to provide the best services for the individuals we serve.

Stay tuned for more information as the state continues to work through this process. We’ll also talk more about order of selection next month during our 2017 Regional Transition IEP Trainings and during the October 4th webinar (for those of you who can’t be with us at a regional training). Things to know: we will record the October 4th webinar. The Huntington and Indianapolis a.m. sessions are already full. Need more information? 2017 Regional Transition IEP and Webinar information flyer