Transition Assessments Now Available in Spanish and Burmese

To assist our transition educators working with families and students whose first language is either Spanish or Burmese, the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) recently translated nine of its most commonly used transition assessments.

You’ll find these new authentic assessments, along with all of our assessments, in the Transition Assessment Matrix on the INSTRC website. To make it easier to search for the Spanish and Burmese assessments, we’ve added a checkbox filter. Click on either of those boxes (or both if you’re working with both populations), and the Matrix will bring up all of the following translated assessments:

  • Career Comparison
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Fair Reflection
  • Career Video Reflection
  • Elective Class Reflection
  • Job Initial Review
  • Job Shadow Feedback
  • Occupational Information Interview
  • Postsecondary School/College Comparison

Need a refresher on what an “authentic assessment” is and how to use it? Authentic assessments are simple reflection or information tools used to capture transition-related services and activities happening in the classroom, during community-based instruction, in a career/technical education classroom/program, and throughout a student’s school year.